Asian men definitely have a different view of hair fashion than European men, because the facial features can not be the same as a European guy with blue eyes and blonde hair. Even so, it is impossible to find a universal common representative of the Asian men faces. Therefore, the choice of hairstyle for Asian men is not simple and easy. Let’s find out the five best male hair trends best suited to boys in the tropical countries in the post.

Top 5 trendy and hot Asian men hairstyle in 2018
Top 5 trendy and hot Asian men hairstyle in 2018
  1. Bangs brushed aside

Bangs brushed aside
Bangs brushed aside

Beautiful and handsome male hair with horizontal style comb on the side brings out the pupils look still attractive to the guy. Therefore, there are many Asian men choose the hairstyle for many seasons of the year.  Furthermore, this hairstyle is very suitable for the “gentle” face of Asian men. In addition, it’s also easy to take care of and doesn’t need much time for taking care every morning. Boys do not need to use gel to keep the hair or hairspray to keep hair on one side. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have straight hair. However, it can also suit men with curly hair or natural curls.

  1. Layer hair

Beautiful men’s hair with a thin layer is suitable for the face of Asian men. Therefore, if you have time to search famous hairstyle in Asian men, handsome faces such as Korean actors can hardly ignore this beautiful male hairstyle. The hairstyle that is prone to hair styling will give the young men a youthful, attractive and romantic image.

Furthermore, with the long hair over the forehead, the nape length is longer and the thin layer overlaps and the natural tangle which give the feeling of bloating. You can add a bit of light dye which is completed this beautiful male hairstyle then. This is a very liberal and sexy hairstyle for men, especially Asian guys.

Layer hair
Layer hair
  1. Curly hair

curly hair
Gentlemen curly hair

Curly-haired curly hair brings a romantic yet romantic look to the boys. Curly-haired appears after but it creates an extremely intense fever that covers the whole of Asia. Gentle, romantic and personal hairstyle curly that is still elegant to any girl any favors. However, in order to have attractive curly hair as Korean men, boys every day should care about it with gel and nourish to keep the curly hair beautiful and desired degree. This beautiful male hairstyle is so popular because it suits the majority of Asian men’s faces. The side of the hair can be trimmed or lengthened depending on the preference, and if the length is beautiful.

  1. Hair straightening

Hair straightening
Hair straightening

Facial hair straightening brings beauty full of artists for men, especially Asian men. It can be said that straight-haired men are one of the styles that have bloomed in Asia especially in Korea a few years ago. This hairstyle is quite easy to make and take care. Furthermore, the hair is pressed straight, so that the bangs are longer than the forehead and embraces the face. With this hairstyle, the boys will become more gentle, more student and artist.

  1. Undercut

Undercut with wavy way
Cool and handsome Undercut with wavy way

Undercut Asian style is not too bold but still has its own charm. With Asian guys who like strong and masculine, it can not ignore hairstyle that is a hot trend throughout 2018. The characteristic of this male hairstyle is the shaved on either side but the front of the hair and the hair on the top of the head are still long. Undercut has been a persistent trend throughout the year for its boldness in line, strong in personality.  Furthermore, this male hairstyle is not only suitable for Western men, but any Asian guy can choose this stylish hairstyle.

undercut haircut
Handsome and attractive undercut haircut

Hope that you will have a good choice for your hair after reading the post. However, you should ask the hairdresser to make sure that the hairstyle suitable with your face and your style. Furthermore, in order to make more impressive, you can dye your hair with a hot trend color. In addition, you do not forget to mix with clothes to create your private style which will help you more attractive and handsome.