About us

Hiding in the winding alleys, that new customers might find it hard to find the shop at the first time. Although customers might have been told or warned before coming to the shop, many of them are still surprised or amazed by the unique style here…very cool, swag, a feeling of curiosity and shaky looking at the barbers working here.

The my are covered by tattoos and piercings, images perhaps in daily lives might scare people away. However, as a matter of fact, customers waiting in long line here has become a legendary. Everyone is very patient waiting for their turns. In addition to the devotion to the customers, employees’ friendliness, and professionalism has contributed to the success of the shop. Customers always leave with a great haircut and a big smile on their face. People consider tattoo as a taboo or an art. When it comes to this, everything is clear, either you get up and leave or you are in love with this cool style.

That’s how customers at Liem barber express their feelings. For the majority of customers here, the first thing is always curiosity, they want to see this unique style with their own eyes. But after a while, they become regular customers because they have realized that barbers here are enthusiastic and energetic young men with ambitious passion with tattoos and haircut to together create a well-established Liem Barber Shop franchise •As side the pasion for hair cut barbers at LBS also have a huge passion for Chicano culture ; Chicano is a chosen identity of some Mexican -Americans in the United States. names are chosen identities within the Mexican-American community in the United States.

However, these terms have a wide range of meanings in various parts of the south west term became widely used during the name chosen by Mexican Americans to express pride in a shared cultural, ethnic and community identity. TheChicano is also used to describe the literary, artistic, and musical movements that emerged with the Chicano movement. When be asked why LBS has influenced this culture to Viet Nam. The answer always simple and true as : with the easy, simple life style, the passion for tattoos and art.

When asked why LBS would influenced this culture to Vietnam where the traditional is still strict and not everyone would open to see body tatoon is an art . However Chicano culture and LBS culture have much things in common. The passion for art and easy life style all blended in very well. Through the hard days when the culture first introduced but we still keen to keep it happening because we carefree to show our true color. We believe that you would just be yourself or be nobody.